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Welcome to TheDivineMelanin_  family! YOU KNOW HOW WE DO! We Love, We Lift, We experience Life. Ok! I Know most of us have heard people talk about affirmations! Some people are completely aware of what they are and how they work and others are not. So, I want to dive into it! An affirmation is a declaration. It is something that you state as a fact; strongly and publicly. It is to affirm. Now that we know what it is, how exactly do we use affirmations. Well, we use affirmations to implant ideas into the subconscious mind (creator of our reality) using the conscious mind (logical mind, ego). Affirmations are used to make our subconscious mind believe what we want from our conscious mind. Affirmations work through REPETITION! We must affirm over and over again in order to truly implant the ideas we have created to allow them to manifest. Affirmations will only yield success if they are used repetitively with emotion. So if you are affirming “I am a great, successful business owner” but there is no passion or conviction in your words your subconscious mind will not believe and therefore will not create the success you are looking for as a business owner. I personally say my affirmations twice a day! Once in the morning and once in the evening to ensure I am saying them enough times to make a noticeable difference.

images-2When using affirmations to create and  manifest you have to be COMMITTED and CONSISTENT, PASSIONATE and PURE about what you want. A key concept when affirming is to use the always powerful words ” I AM”! I AM has infinite power. I AM the I AM from the biblical text is referencing that anything you put after I AM is amplified and is capable of producing. I challenge you to AFFIRM what it is that you are, what is it that you want to manifest and bring into your reality. Affirmations is just one method of tapping into the divinity within you to bring what you want into creation! What do you affirm and want to manifest. Be it love, money, health or anything else, AFFIRM it for 100 days straight and watch it blossom!




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