Steps to Alignment!

Steps to Alignment!

Steps to Alignment! 276 182 thebillminorgroup

How to fully submerse yourself in your purpose and passion? Ok! YOU KNOW HOW WE DO! We Love, We Lift, We experience Life, DIVINELY! So in order to truly embrace the life, love and growth that we are all striving to obtain, we have to be in complete alignment with the energy that corresponds to that thing. Simply put, we cannot be or receive something that is above our vibrational frequency. For example, a person who has a broke mentality is not capable of receiving lots of wealth and maintaining it because their frequency is not in alignment with that. Which is why lots of people come up on a lot of money and its gone quickly due to their mental and vibratory space not being in alignment with wealth and prosperity. But, this is where the beauty in growth and reaching higher levels come in. We are all capable of transforming thoughts and therefore raising our vibration. When we challenge the thoughts that have been repetitively detrimental to our growth and success, we begin the process of transformation. We are unable to grasp higher concepts and consciousness, if we do not recognize the dark parts in ourselves that are not congruent to where we want to go. So here are some steps to begin mental alchemy and submerse yourself in your passion and passion.


Step 1: Recognize detrimental thought patterns. We can realize the thought habits that are negatively affecting us by sitting quietly (i.e Meditation) and listening to the different insanity that come to mind. While sitting quietly with no distractions (TV, IG, FB, Radio, children, spouse) allow your mind to go wherever it may. Be aware that this part of your mind that is rambling is your logical mind (BIG BAD EGO). The logical mind is concerned with survival. It believes, that because you are still living, everything is fine and nothing needs to change. That is why thoughts that are discomforting continue to come though you wish they wouldn’t. (Side Note: these may also be thoughts that are not negative per se’ but simply are not in


Step 2: After identifying those inferior, imperfect thoughts you want to pinpoint where they stem from.  So, what I like to do is write down the thoughts that are not serving me to my highest potential. After I’ve written them down and can see them, I contemplate on what experiences and programming has lead me to think these thoughts. This step is important because often times we need to heal from past experiences and deprogram our subconscious mind. For example, using AFFIRMATIONS!!!



Step 3: Once the negative thoughts and where they stem from have been identified, you want to begin implanting your mind with the thoughts that do serve you and lead you to your highest level of consciousness. A great way to do this is right under where you have written the unfavorable thoughts write down the positive thoughts that align with your highest purpose and passion.


For example:

Negative: I’m broke and won’t find a job that satisfies my personal needs and passion

Positive: I am worthy of abundant success and prosperity. It is in my DNA to fulfill my purpose and live abundantly!


Step 4: Lastly, use the positive words that you have determined serve you to your highest potential as an affirmation. Every time a thought pops into your mind that is not directly in alignment with the highest good within you, respond with the positive thought. It is important to remember to RESPOND and not REACT. To react is to feel the negativity in your being causing you to experience pain or fear in that moment, which is what feeds the negative thought to return. To respond is to recognize that the thought is just on a recorder and that you can negate it (take away its power) by immediately speaking and thinking a positive, serving thought right after.


I hope these four simple steps challenge you and lead you exactly to where you want to be!