4 Ways to a Thriving Relationship

4 Ways to a Thriving Relationship

4 Ways to a Thriving Relationship 150 150 thebillminorgroup

gerund or present participle: thriving
  1. to grow or develop well or vigorously.
    “the new baby thrived”
    • prosper; flourish.

A thriving relationship is one that is constantly progressing in every way possible.

Do this to achieve a thriving relationship;

1. Seek to Know Thyself

2. Be in the Flow State

3. Perform Mental Alchemy

4. Support 

  1. Know thyself

A. Seeking to know oneself: you can only love someone as much as you love yourself. Your love for self expands when you realize who you are, what you are and why you are here. When you truly understand your purpose your love for self blossoms. You take responsibility for your existence and choose to love and live to the fullest. Your relationship with others improve and thrive because you improve and thrive. Knowing who you are at the core lights a fire within your soul that can never go out. That fire is what fuels you to fulfill the purpose you came here with. When lovers are purposeful in their actions in their day to day life your relationship can only flourish and prosper.

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       2. Go with the Flow

B. There will always be ebb and flow because that is the law of the universe. The pendulum must swing. But in a thriving relationship both partners operate from this understanding. Because we know who we are as individuals, we understand when it is time for us to be still and  when we need to move. A thriving relationship is always progressing there is no stagnation. Stillness is not stagnation. Stagnation is when the relationship is not growing. Whether married or dating there should be some tangible growth whether buying a house, investing, starting a business as well as spiritual growth in which you are your partner should be able to recognize. Are you all able to finish each other’s sentence, are we thinking the same way, when you think of your partner do they call or text you? Thriving relationships grow into synchronicity and have a vibrant synergy. You simply work well together and get shit done! Image result for infinity symbol

I ADMIRE MY MAN! HE GETS SHIT DONE. HE’S SO DISCIPLINE, SELF MOTIVATED, ALWAYS REACHING NEW HEIGHTS IN HIS SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. HE IS JUST DIVINE! Which is another important thing in a thriving relationship. BALANCE! Being what the other person is not. Yin & Yang! That’s not to say that you don’t enter the relationship whole in body, mind and spirit because that’s the only way to have a relationship with a solid foundation. What I am saying is that there are personality traits that you and your partner have, that balance out the whole. For example, I’m outgoing, an extrovert by nature. My partner is an introvert and would rather observe than engage. It would look crazy if we were both talking to everybody in the party right? Instead he calms me when maybe I’m being too social and when he is not, I bring him more so out of his shell. BALANCE! A THRIVING COUPLE HAS BALANCE WITHIN THE DYNAMICS OF THE RELATIONSHIP.


3. Mental alchemy means taking your thought processes from one pattern to another based on what you want to accomplish. It means going from thinking like a worker to thinking like a boss. Thinking like you are single to thinking like a life partner. It means transforming your mind. Be renewed by the transforming of your mind. A thriving couple is always doing the mental alchemy for the benefit of the individual and the benefit of the whole. The hardest part of doing the mental alchemy is the self evaluation. Listening to your thoughts and understanding how they align with your actions and your reality. Like I said in the Love and War Vlog, a lot of our thoughts and behaviors are habits we picked up as kiddos, what we have seen our parents do. The programming they have placed upon us by the programming that was bestowed upon them. It’s so important in a thriving relationship to recognize which thought forms are your own and which have been given to you. You must do the work to establish what you want to keep and what you want to transform. On a deeper more spiritual level the mental alchemy is transforming yourself to be the God and Goddess you came here as. ??‍♀️ Many are called few are chosen. Are you of the chosen few ready to live and operate from the throne that is rightfully yours. If so, there is a lot of purging and cleansing of negative thought forms that we have do. In a thriving relationship both partners and constantly cleansing and investigating their thoughts. The bounds of growth are endless. We can always been transforming our minds. One example of this is in my self confidence and self love. I realized that in my past I put on brave face and even spoke highly of myself to cover up how I was truly feeling. The actions and some of the negative relationships I had with people were reflections of that. In which I didn’t realize until I decided to do some mental alchemy. I wanted to change. I wanted to truly feel beautiful from the inside out. Therefore I changed my internal conversation with myself. I began telling myself I’m internally beautiful everyday and the outside has no choice but to follow suit. And it did. Mental alchemy is doing the internal work and allowing the external reality to reflect that. Jay Z said it best “our external reality is an opportunity to heal our internal upset. Let’s build a cathedral the evils couldn’t fuck with. I wanna spend my Saturdays and my latter days eating sundaes, enjoying Monday’s, not worrying about what none say Yonce! THIS IS MENTAL ALCHEMY! 


A. S-Safety

B. U-Understanding

C. P-Purpose

D. P- Patient & Present

E. O-Openness

F. R-Recognition

G. T-Trust

A thriving relationship has unlimited SUPPORT in the pursuit of purpose! You and your partner should feel safe in this journey. Knowing that in all of your experiences, your trials and triumphs you have someone to lend and emphatic ear and genuine care. SAFETY gives way to a level of freedom needed in order to manifest your best self. Many times we are in relationships with that special someone because they just understand. They are the cream to your coffee. ?☕️They just know what to say and do to make you feel heard.

In thriving relationships their is an unspoken level of UNDERSTANDING. You just get one another. And when you don’t, you seek to. In thriving supportive relationships you operate from PURPOSE. True happiness in this life comes from the realizing and living out your sacred purpose. Partners in a thriving relationship understand this and strive to ensure that both individuals and doing just that. You also possess the awareness that fulfilling this purpose is a journey and every space you find yourselves in is for the manifestation of that purpose.

PATIENT & PRESENT. These two concepts are huge in being supportive within your thriving relationship. Like OMG. It’s vital to comprehend that the realization and manifestation of your dreams take presence and patience. It means BEING in THE NOW. Being meaning feeling & sensing. Thriving relationships blossom because both spouses are fully present within the relationship and are patient with one another as you grow.

Are you really open to change and growth? OPENNESS is the gateway to bring in a new reality. Thriving relationships give way for growth and expansion. Openness is open mindedness about where you are and where you can go. Openness is your willingness to explore the unknown. Isn’t it so nice to be awarded for something? YES, HELL YES! It feels good to receive RECOGNITION for your efforts. Thriving relationships and built upon words of affirmations.  Words like “thank you, I love you, I love your work, I see you baby working hard and all, damn you looking good” lol all of these are ways that we recognize our partner. In Thriving relationships both partners are always ensuring their partner that they see and appreciate the work they are doing to create the best reality possible. Little things like recognition go a long way.

Last but definitely not the least is TRUST. Trust is for a lifetime. Thriving relationships are built upon trust. Trust and truth, even when it hurts. Trust that both partners have the best interest of the relationship at heart. The topic of trust is an entire article of its own. Trust comes from an internal knowing. And if one is lacking trust then ultimately you lack the trust in yourself and your intuition. WOW. If you can’t trust it’s because you don’t trust yourself to make the right decisions in the people, places and things you decide to share you energy with. ???. Thriving relationships only happen when both partners trust who they are as individuals which comes by way of KNOWING. Knowing who you are, what you are, and why you are here. When you KNOW the answers to those questions trusting becomes easy because you understand that nothing is outside of you. Every experience you have is for spiritual development and growth.  You are emotionally, mentally and spiritually equipped to handle anything that enters your reality, as hard as that may be to fathom its the TRUTH.

So again, the way to a THRIVING RELATIONSHIP is;


2. Make Leaps & Bounds together

3. Fuck Woke, Do Work (Mental Alchemy)