Searching for Inspiration

Searching for Inspiration

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I’ve been searching for inspiration. I know and understand what it is that I want to create, manifest and bring into my reality but the actual steps and the process I am unclear on. I have been reading “How to Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by James Van Fleet (GREAT READ) and these moments of uncertainty about what to write are exactly the times when you must turn the problem over to the subconscious mind and wait for an answer. My life over the past couple of years has not been exactly what I thought I had planned. I come up with idea after idea about what I need to do to satisfy this missing piece within myself, its an urge or a knowing that there just has to be more on all fronts. Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Financially, Romantically. I’ve come to realize that the feeling of incompleteness cannot be satisfied through anything tangible. What I am missing and am in search of is the WHOLENESS that is our birth right as spirit beings on this planet. This WHOLENESS, ONENESS, HOLINESS comes from a place that reaches beyond all forms of existence and realms. It is being connected to the higher divine planes from which we all come. It’s knowing, understanding and operating as God within rather relying on the supposed God without. I know my dreams, goals and aspirations will become my reality. I also know that it will take me clearing the subconscious blocks I have acquired over the years through experience, hearsay, and many more things that I have been receptive and vulnerable to knowingly and unknowingly. NOW is the time for me to clear the roadways of my mind of traffic jams and collisions. NOW is the time to plant beautiful, abundant gifts that never stop giving along the pathways in my mind. I must implant all the things that I want and rightfully deserve. I understand that it will take consistency, persistence and perseverance to transform the negative self talk that has penetrated and taken over my mind and I have set goals that I WILL stick to and see through. I AM FED UP!

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Often times we become consumed in what society has deemed the life to live. Whether it’s what the media deems beautiful, the perfect job, relationship, money etc….we are allowing someone or something outside of ourselves to determine what it is we should want and shrive for. In all reality, the best things for us are the things that come from our own heart. I wrote this post initially in a place where I viewed my circumstances based off what I was being told via TV, radio, social media and people. While in that place I was dissatisfied with my current job, home life and much more. I’ve come to learn that when you dive in and understand that every experience, person, place or thing is there to better you, you appreciate the moments and experiences that bothered you originally. But, the only way to receive the lesson and grow from where you are is to surrender and listen to the voice within.  When we surrender, we allow ourselves to be an open channel for our higher divine selves to speak and lead us in the direction we must go to evolve and live the life we rightfully deserve, a life of peace, passion and prosperity.When your heart is open and your mind is clear you realize exactly why you are in your situation and what you must do to make the best of it. For example, like I stated earlier I was completely unhappy with my current job but Spirit (divinity living in you) revealed to me that my current position is what allows me the time to work on my blog, The Divine_Melanin life coaching and much more. Things are being revealed to me everyday about why I am doing what I’m doing in this moment. I had another “AHA” moment late at night while relaxing. My higher self revealed to me that I was working with students so that I could learn to better understand them and their spiritual development to help parents and other teachers lead and guide their children/students in the best way possible holistically. We are all called to complete a certain task during our stay on Earth. Until you start living out your divine task and purpose is this mundane human world can overwhelm you.

So in searching for inspiration, search from within. Be open and aware to all the signs and symbols that point you in the direction that fulfills your life’s yearn for something more. In every aspect of your life as you know it there is a direct spiritual correspondence. Understand and know that every situation, person and experience is for a divine reason, past the everyday worldly humdrum. What did I do to embrace the now…..I REMEMBERED TO BREATHE! BREATH is LIFE. BREATH is SPIRIT. No BREATH…NO LIFE! Breathing allows you to pull in that life force; prana and to refocus, reinvigorate and recharge. Breathing slows down our minds when we have become consumed in the rat race. When we breathe we allow our higher divine selves to speak so softly and sweetly in our ears. And when we are willing and ready to hear and listen we will. The celestial words we hear are the words the cause us to have those awakening moments. These moments of realization are what grounds you in the now. These moments also help you understand exactly why you are where you are and allow you to take full advantage of the moment. You are able to witness the spirit realm at work.