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4 Reasons Why You and Your Mate Should Meditate!

  There are many reasons why couples should mediate together and/or separate. There has been profound endless knowledge and wisdom on the benefits of meditating in a spiritual and material sense. Meditation is the key to evolvement on this plane. Meditation is the main way to allow the subconscious to reveal to you the things…

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The Mind, Music & Marriage

The Mind:  the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.  The Mind is ALL. It is fertile ground for any seed to be planted. Whatever you feed your mind, if watered and nurtured it will…

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Searching for Inspiration

I’ve been searching for inspiration. I know and understand what it is that I want to create, manifest and bring into my reality but the actual steps and the process I am unclear on. I have been reading “How to Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by James Van Fleet (GREAT READ) and these…

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4 Ways to a Thriving Relationship

thrive /THrīv/ verb gerund or present participle: thriving to grow or develop well or vigorously. “the new baby thrived” prosper; flourish. A thriving relationship is one that is constantly progressing in every way possible. Do this to achieve a thriving relationship; 1. Seek to Know Thyself 2. Be in the Flow State 3. Perform Mental Alchemy…

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LOVE & WAR How “disagreements” can improve your relationships! A disagreement simply means two opposing perspectives on the same situation. Meaning, the way you see a circumstance is different from how your partner sees the situation. How we perceive experiences is based off our past. How we grow from disagreements is through being able to…



One way to a thriving, loving, manifesting relationship is personal growth, self-development and most importantly spiritual development. Your relationship with others whether platonic, intimate, parental, associative and even professional is strictly based on your relationship with yourself. How you feel and think of yourself is what will be reflected to you in all aspects of…

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Steps to Alignment!

How to align with your high purpose!

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  Welcome to TheDivineMelanin_  family! YOU KNOW HOW WE DO! We Love, We Lift, We experience Life. Ok! I Know most of us have heard people talk about affirmations! Some people are completely aware of what they are and how they work and others are not. So, I want to dive into it! An affirmation…

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A Phase in Your Journey

  While on our journey to enlightenment and higher realization we go through and encounter these spiritual phases that correspond to our emotions, day to day life and overall satisfaction or lack there of in our current reality. The two I would like to focus on briefly go hand and hand and are on the…

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To have vision and purpose is to know within the deepest depth of your core that there is something within you to be manifested in this reality that will leave life changing imprints on the hearts and minds of whomever and whatever you encounter. The vision and purpose that engulfs my divine being is to…