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Are You Ready to Heal, Connect & Serve

There are three things that keep spiritual women from living a truly sacred, powerful, prosperous, loved filled life. And that is being unhealed, lacking a healthy connection with themselves and others, and living a life without purpose and service. The Sacred Sista Circle is a Sacred Space for Spiritual women to heal by transmuting their trauma, to connect by being a reflection of and to the woman sharing this space, and to serve by discovering their purpose through processing their pain.

How the Sacred Sista Circle Will Change Your Life?

The Sacred Sista Circle yearly membership was created to give spiritual women a sacred & safe space to Renew their Spirits, Reinvigorate their Relationships & Rediscover their purpose. It is within this circle that you will heal, connect, and serve through developing and maintaining a spiritual practice, rituals, and sacred conversations with the Sacred Sistas.
Through weekly live group sessions, self-paced assignments, rituals aligned with the seasons, monthly meditations, sacred songs & mantras, access to exclusive content and courses from myself, Dream Wise and other Spiritual Guest, and access to the Sacred Sista Community in Geneva, you will heal, connect with like minded spiritual women, and serve in your purpose.