4 Reasons Why You and Your Mate Should Meditate!

4 Reasons Why You and Your Mate Should Meditate! 500 333 thebillminorgroup


There are many reasons why couples should mediate together and/or separate. There has been profound endless knowledge and wisdom on the benefits of meditating in a spiritual and material sense. Meditation is the key to evolvement on this plane. Meditation is the main way to allow the subconscious to reveal to you the things that need to be changed or cultivated in the higher dimensions and in the physical realm. Meditation is Everything. If you are not meditating you ain’t doing Shit! LOL! The 4 main reasons meditating together and separately benefit your union is;

1. Manifestation 
2. Spiritual enlightenment 
3. Peace of Mind/Surrender the Ego and Negative Emotion
4. Creativity 

In this realm to be a God/Goddess you have to manifest. Being able to create as a couple is one way to maintain a healthy thriving relationship. Manifestation of the things that are of substance and true meaning are difficult to do without meditating. When we meditate for manifestation as a couple, separately or together we conjoin the forces of our individual God and Goddess energy to allow the realization of what we have agreed upon to come quicker. Successful relationships thrive upon sharing ideas, goals, and creations. Meditation allows both partners to decide what they want to manifest from the heart chakra and not solely based on the lower chakras. In my relationship visualizations as a union has proven to be powerful and produces almost instant results. We like to create a scene in our mind’s eye even if there are some minor differences and focus on that for a set amount of time. We do this separately or together and especially during lovemaking, which inevitably puts you into a meditative state. You cannot manifest for yourself or as a couple without knowing that you are capable of having that which you want to create. The knowing comes from meditating and releasing the thought patterns that have inhibited you from receiving. 

“Enlightenment results from the realizing the unreality of existence” Bobby Hemmit. Meditation is key in spiritual enlightenment . Relationships between Gods & Goddesses are dependent on both partners evolving and growing within their spiritual light. You cannot realize the unreality of this existence without tapping into the higher realms of the mind and imagination through mediation. Partners have to meditate to continue peeling back the layers of this existence to get into the many dimensions that we arise from. Mediation is the gateway into the darkness by which we receive light. Light being knowledge, wisdom & understanding. Spiritual light is obtained by going within our mind and unlocking all the things that we already know. Without meditation we stay in the illusionary world not receiving from our higher self. Both partners must meditate to tap into who and what they divinely are. This way your relationship last and is able to see all situations that arise from a higher perspective. Both partners having a meditation practice ensures that the relationship in a spiritual sense is revolving and elevating in consciousness. Mediation allows for the union to have balance between the realms.

To maintain peace you have to mediate. Human shit is going to happen. Within your union there will be disagreements, bills, misunderstandings etc. Having a meditation practice allows you to handle those disagreements in the most beneficial way possible. Meditation allows you to detach from the emotions and view the situations that arise objectively. Peace within your relationship is vital. Being able to handle adversity is key in maintaining your union. Meditating allows you to surrender the ego. If one person in the relationship is not participating in a spiritual practice like meditation, yoga, tai chi or something that causes you to witness and be an observer of the ego there is a lack of balance. While one partner is receiving light another is heavy tipping the Libra scales. 

Being a creator and expressing your creative side is very important to maintain some internal peace. Meditation naturally allows you to tap in to the things that make you divinely you. We all have our gifts that we came here to express. Meditating allows those gifts to be revealed to us and how we are to uniquely express it. Creativity comes by way of channels. Without quieting the mind you only hear your own chatter and not the wisdom from your higher self or more evolved spiritual entities. Without doing creative work you often feel stagnant and less motivated. Creativity is the fire that dwells within Gods and Goddesses. Like stated previously to be God/Goddess you have to create, put your hands and heart to something. Meditation gives us the ability to KNOW what it is we have been sent here to do and how we will do it. If you are not creating you ain’t doing SHIT. Which naturally causes frustration. And frustration in a relationship can be damaging. Creative expression comes from within. You have to go within by way of mediation to produce something without! Meditating for creativity as a couple ensures that both partners are excited about the work they are doing. 

Meditation is the gateway to all things. Manifesting, Enlightenment, Peace and Creativity comes from going within. If you never silence the mind to hear your divinity speak, you become consumed in the world and are therefore of this world. Your thoughts & actions are solely based on everything outside of you. This leads to insanity, depression and other low vibration emotions which ultimately impede one from having a dynamic spiritual relationship. COUPLES NEED MEDITATION. It is utter necessity to mediate and participate in some type of spiritual practice if we want to fulfill the purpose of our soul in this reality with a Soul Mate.

Love DRA