Phase in Spirituality

A Phase in Your Journey

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While on our journey to enlightenment and higher realization we go through and encounter these spiritual phases that correspond to our emotions, day to day life and overall satisfaction or lack there of in our current reality.

The two I would like to focus on briefly go hand and hand and are on the same line in terms of polarity. Stagnation/Complacency /Lack of Creativity  & Creativity/ Progression.

There are many phases in spiritual growth and all are necessary to realize your greatest potential and to manifest the you, you know are and can be. As we learn, grow, transform and transcend we go through moments of stagnation. Life is boring, no creativity or spontaneity takes place in your reality. You aren’t motivated and don’t have a clear vision of what you want to see happen in your life. Or maybe you do and simply can’t wrap your mind around the always true fact that in order to bring about certain things you must first be that thing, embody the same energy and start where you are. This period in your life is vital. Without it, how do you come to know what it really means to work for what you want. INWARDLY then OUTWARDLY. We must do the mental work as well as making progressive steps to see our dreams and aspirations become a reality. 03d30350d920748484816be6e24694cb


The other end of stagnation and a mundane life is creativity and progression. I love the words of James Van Fleet in his book How to Unleash the Power of your Subconscious Mind “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile ideal”. This saying is beautifully composed and forces you to dive deeper. To be inspired is to have a worthwhile ideal. To have a worthwhile idea is to be creative. When you have this worthwhile ideal and you are constantly making efforts to move more in unison with this idea you achieve success. Having a goal and something to accomplish big or small creates a spirit of excitement. This is a state of being. It is an energy that you have created and are living out. All things that occur in your reality are directly correlated to your spirit. Spirit creates your life as you know it. Your emotions are signs as to where you are in spirit and how it will show up in this dimension.

Are you in a spiritual phase or place of complacency, unknowing, stagnation and boredom. Do you feel unmotivated, frustrated, or numb. If you are feeling this way, you are not alone and we all go through it. I’m sure you’ve also been in a spiritual space of instinctual success, decisiveness, knowing, Ascension and growth in your past. And like that has passed so shall this. To begin to redirect, reshape and reunite with the energy that is divinely you (which is of complete creativity and manifestation) you must create the atmosphere and cultivate the feelings that you know directly correspond to that which you want to have, do and become. You can embody the energy you want to manifest by doing the things you know you would naturally do in that role.

Whatever it is that you want to be or do, you already know exactly how to achieve it and be it because you are one with the creator; In all honestly YOU ARE THE CREATOR! Take action intuitively. And if at this moment you realize that now is a phase of going with the flow and remaining where you are then do so. But when inspiration comes whether from another person, an image, nature or simply a thought of your own answer your call to yourself to shift the energy and create what has been yours for the making since your very existence.