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Thank You so very much for the reading. I must share that I googled Arcangel Raphael and amazed that he is a healer and he healed a blind person. My daughter who I spoke of with special needs is vision impaired. I instantly smiled when I read about the Arcangel. I really feel reassured. Your reading was very spot on. I am doing the work to overcome a life of anxiety and depression and finally feel that things are really working out for me which in turn helps my children. I am in such a grateful place and really appreciate you sharing your time and energy to read the cards for me. I will continue to study Arcangel Raphael and the heart chakra as you suggested. I look forward to your videos and am so thankful for your gifts. You’re so awesome?❤


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If you are thinking about getting a reading… stop thinking and SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!! DRA channeled exactly what I needed to hear, real synchronistic! Invest in yourself! You won’t regret it !” 

Thank you so much for the reading! 



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The reading was so on point for my circumstances. I didn’t even plan on bringing up family life even though I’ve been having struggles within my family life. I’ve been so caught up in the upper chakras (more specifically the third eye chakra) that I’ve been neglecting my lower ones. My root chakra has been getting the least amount of attention lately. I definitely have to look up Archangel Michael. I really appreciate you for speaking to me. It was really helpful, and I feel like I’ve been missing certain signals to those things that you put me on to. Thank you for your time. I can’t say it enough, but I genuinely appreciate you. ?


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Thank you so much for this reading DRA’! It both revalidated things that I already knew and also revealed some vital things that I was not aware of. I could feel your sincerity and genuiness thru the phone. Best reading I’ve ever had!✌️?

Moran Mystic

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Straight off the bat, DRA was very prompt in responding and accommodating my needs as to what exactly I needed pertaining to the reading and coaching. She has a very pleasant, down to earth energy that is familiar in a sense, and very homely.

The truth is hard to swallow as we all know, but DRA put it in manageable bite size pieces. I found that before I was gravitating to readers and healers who tend to tell me what I wanted to hear neglecting the actual need, and hence the work done is not productive or it does not show results. This was not the case here. She did a great job intuitively channeling, reading her cards and relaying the messages to me.

Its very uplifting when you can walk away from a reading with new insights, perspectives and practical instructions!

Thanks DRA 🙂